Lincoln Village is a diverse neighborhood on Milwaukee's near south side. The neighborhood - officially bound by Becher Street to the north, Cleveland Avenue to the south, 5th Place to the east, and 16th street to the west - was first settled by Polish immigrants in the late 19th century. The neighborhood has always been one of the most densely populated in the city, and the old Polish flats - two story frame houses raised half a story to create a ground-level dwelling space for more tenants - speak to the immigrant history of the area. Lincoln Villagers have always been hard workers, and long-time residents pride their community on its blue collar roots.

Baran Park is a small neighborhood nestled between Lincoln Village to the west and Bay View to the east. The neighborhood may not be as well known as Lincoln Village, but it has an enviable location and much, much more. The neighborhood is named for Baran Park, a Milwaukee County Park that runs north to south, parallel to 1st Street and the Kinnickinnic River corridor. The park is named after an early St. Josaphat's pastor, Felix Baran, and today it is a hot spot for local baseball league play during summer.

Bay View is an upscale, middle-class neighborhood settled early by Polish and Italian immigrants and has recently become a popular destination for young professionals. Our area is bounded by S. Burrell St. on the west, S. Bay St. on the east, E. Bay St. on the north and E. Rosedale Ave. on the south.

Forest Home Hills is named after the famous cemetary that it surrounds. Most of Milwaukee's first families are buried there. The Forest Home neighborhood was, in part, an Indian village in the time before European contact. The boundaries are 27th St on the west, 16th St on the east, Becher St on the North and W. Cleveland Ave. on the south.

Polonia, like Lincoln Village and Baran Park, was originally settled by Polish immagrants. Our area in Polonia only extends to W. Dakota Ave on the south, S. 16th St. on the west, S. 6th St. on the east and W. Cleveland Ave on the north.

Please refer to this cluster map of the Park Neighborhoods for information on local amenities, businesses, block clubs, cultural institutions, and recreational opportunities. We have broken the neighborhoods up into clusters and have provided information on each cluster. Click on the different neighborhoods for information.


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