New Internship Opportunity: Milwaukee’s Cultural Area Studies

The anthropologists at Urban Anthropology Inc. are currently building a website that will provide information on every one of Milwaukee’s 191 neighborhoods. The emphasis is on the cultural histories of these locales and much of the information comes from the oral histories that Urban Anthropology has already conducted over the past decades on Milwaukee ethnic groups and neighborhoods.

We now wish to expand this effort and begin the long process of gathering archival data and oral histories on every one of our city’s neighborhoods. The process will take a decade to complete. Interns will conduct telephone, online, or in-person interviews with residents that know the cultural histories of their areas. Interns will also be introduced to collecting archival research on the neighborhoods.

In addition to the hands-on experience in research, interns will also receive formal research education. They will be trained on a respected research curriculum that covers data collection (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods), data analysis (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods), sampling plans, reliability/validity, and research design. The Delve curriculum was produced by anthropologists at Urban Anthropology Inc. and was funded by the CDC. The curriculum was tested through randomized trials and found to be more effective in training new researchers than training by research professionals or self-training through guide books.

Every intern successfully completing a research contract will receive a letter of recommendation which states their research skills and experience. Stipends are not available.



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