DELVE Research Curriculum

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded Jill Florence Lackey & Associates (the for-profit arm of Urban Anthropology Inc) to create a beginners' research curriculum to train CDC collaborative organizations and fellows to conduct Rapid Ethnographic Assessments. The Delve Curriculum (published in 2007) was the result. While Delve focuses mainly on STD research, the methods would apply to any kind of social research. 

Delve is presented here in nine parts. A proposal-writing component and an addendum are also included.

DELVE part 1: Introduction
DELVE part 2: Pre-researching
DELVE part 3: Qualitative data collection
DELVE part 4: Quantitative data collection
DELVE part 5: Mixed methods data collection
DELVE part 6: Research participants
DELVE part 7: Data analysis
DELVE part 8: Data verification
DELVE part 9: Presenting findings
Addendum: Multiple regression analysis
Addendum: Proposal writing for beginners

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