Documentaries are available in DVD format.

The Kashubes of Jones Island: The People That Nobody Knew
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A documentary on a fisherfolk community that once thrived in the middle of an urban center, then disappeared. The story of loss of ethnic identity. (45 minutes). (Prices include taxes, postage, and handling.)


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The following documentaries are available to view on Youtube:

The Cultural Roots of Milwaukee's Socialist Movement

Can we become homeless: A social experiment with Marquette graduate students

Stories of the Homeless

Milwaukee’s Sherman Park Neighborhood

Living outside the box: The current cultures of Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood

Poles and Latinos on Milwaukee's Old South Side

African Americans and the culture of contribution

The Varieties of Latino Experiences

The Amazing Adaptation of the Urban Hmong

Urban Indians and the culture of collective action

The Urban Irish of Merrill Park

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