Our Mission: UrbAn is a community based membership association dedicated to the celebration of cultural diversity, creating assets in urban areas, a holistic approach to urban problem-solving, and the representation of all three in creative media. 

The goals of Urban Anthropology Inc.:

The celebration of diversity in urban areas.  Urban spaces are homes for cultural diversity of all kinds.  In a world where the devastating effects of ethnic cleansing are played out in the daily media, UrbAn aims to raise awareness and honor the practices of urban racial/ethnic groups and community-contributing subcultures, while working to diminish intolerance

Creating assets in urban areas. UrbAn uses skills gained from the study of anthropology to create assets in urban areas that can help enhance community cohesiveness and provide enrichment activites for residents.

Use of a holistic approach in addressing problems in urban areas. UrbAn uses cross cultural information and rigorous studies to address those issues commonly cited as city problems by urban anthropologists.  These include social stratification, ethnocentrism/racism, gender/sexual discrimination, poverty, systemic abuse of women and/or children, violence, health issues, political oppression, housing shortages, ecological challenges, hunger, and excesses in materialism

The representation of the above in expressive media. These expressive media can include documentary films, books, stories, art projects, newspapers, plays, and museums.

Urban Anthropology Inc
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