Work ethic study.

The book, American Ethnicity in the Early Twenty-first Century: The Milwaukee Study (Lexington Books, 2013), by Dr. Jill Florence Lackey had an interesting and unexpected finding. Interviewees from 65 ethnic groups claimed that their first generation American families possessed a stronger work ethic than later generations of the same ethnic group[s]. Urban Anthropology Inc. wishes to further explore this finding (from a qualitative study) with a quantitative study. 

The new study uses a validated scale on work ethics to survey first through third generation Russians/Eastern Europeans, Southeast Asians, Latinos, and indigenous Africans to compare work ethic and related topics by generation. Surveys are being conducted at immigration and ethnic organizations of these groups.

The PIs on the study are Dr. Jill Florence Lackey (Urban Anthropology Inc.) and Dr. Paul Moberg (Medical School, UW-Madison).  Interns conduct interviews at ethnic organizations.

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